Temple Run Game is a single player adventure endless running game similar to Subway Surfers. The game starts with explorers and adventurers who gets hold of antique idols and relics on each stage and are being chased by group of wild monkey who at any cost won't allow them to take the idol away. The faster your run, the more coins you collect and higher is the score card. You also need to ensure that all levels are completed in a sequential manner. This will help you to maintain a good multiplier factor for the game.

There are numerous surprises as Temple Run online game continues with twists and turns that are more thrilling. Temple Run game also becomes hard after a while and you need to be very quick with your reflexes to survive blind curves and jungle hurdles. You need to swipe your screen to turn left or right; vertical slide will enable you to slide or jump to survive blockades and obstacles. You also need to collect the gold coins that are spread over your path. Just make sure you don’t go too far on the edge as this can also be a trap to slide you down.

The game has multiple characters which can be unlocked from the collected coins. You can also buy certain power ups such as resurrection which acts as life saver once you fall off the edge. The sole objective of Temple Run is to evade as long as you can and ride the thrill. At any point of time you lose control or fall for a trap the game ends.

There are some Temple Run cheats who work only on jailbreak version of iOS and rooted Android OS. If you are using a genuine version of the mobile OS you cannot hack it. You can check out the hack page for more instructions.

This game became so popular that it was downloaded more than 1 million time within 3 days of its launch under the Android platform. There are many fake games with more or less similar names which might confuse you. So make sure you download this original Temple Run from the official PlayStore or use our alternative links.

You can download some apps so you can play Temple Run online, or you can download it directly to your iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphone for free from the web/app store.

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About Temple Run

Temple run is a single player exciting adventurous game which is available for both iOS and Android platform. The sole objective of the game is stealing the idol from the temple and evade from the chasing monkeys as far as you can. There is no end which is quite exciting and sure provokes your level of expertise every time you start this game. This game is free and can be download directly from the official Apple store or Google Play Store. You can also play the online version of this game in our site.

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